Renaissance Communications provides creativity, energy, passion, technology, experience and support in creating business solutions to entrepreneurs in an affordable, convenient, efficient manner to maximize their goals.

By enhancing the sales effort, branding, marketing and stylizing of their image, entrepreneurs can reap the benefits of increased profitability, improved time management, and a more focused effort to achieve their long range goals.


If you are overwhelmed and don’t have enough help to manage your business and get to the next level, Renaissance Communications can help! Renaissance Communications becomes your TEAM with experience, technology expertise, and passion to help your business rise to the top.

Renaissance Communications recognizes that small and medium sized businesses are run by entrepreneurs that have a vision. These same dynamic entrepreneurs often wind up frustrated by their lack the time, knowledge and expertise in some areas that are necessary today and lack the human capital to compete with the larger and seemingly, more powerful corporate organizations. Learn More

Client's Testimonials

I have always believed that you draw to yourself the people you need for support in your life, or maybe it is fate, but whatever you call it I thank my lucky stars that I met Judy at a Leadership Conference held by Loyola University in the spring of 2010. For the last few years I have been redefining my business which I have had for over 25 years. I found it overwhelming and amazingly difficult to run a business while re-examining goals and trying to set a new course.

Judy has been part consultant, editor, public relations manager, artistic director and cheerleader as she helps me accomplish the tasks necessary to change my business in the manner I desire. We started by setting goals, listing the tasks that I would need to complete and preparing a time line.

Currently, I am completing a financial workbook for women going through divorce. Judy has great focus and organizational skills that keep the process moving forward and on deadline. She brings tremendous creativity to the process as well as unique of set of skills and experiences which make her particularly effective at helping her clients meet their goals. Even more important she brings a sense of humor and joy to the process. Though we just met, I feel that I have a new friend as well as a business consultant.

~Nancy Liebman CLU, CDFA, author of GET YOUR FAIR SHARE, Controlling the Purse Strings of Your Divorce